smile, your on my camera

smile, your on my camera

Monday, March 14, 2011

First Blog in a long time...

Hey Y'all,
Hope everyone is having a wonderful Spring! Its a new season and its gonna be a good one! This year has been interesting with lots of good things happening and a few little downers as well...thats life! We just moved into a new house that we love and the potential for gardening is so there. I have some little strawberries planted and lots and lots of roses (pics to come). I just love flowers of any kind! One of the girls here at work brings Phlox in that she actually pics along the highway on the way to work. Seeing them brings signs of Springtime each year. The azeleas are also blooming like crazy. Its hard to believe that some folks still have SNOW! Its Monday and I'm back at work. Never a dull moment when you work in HUD housing for the elderly and disabled. Just had a dog fight in here but that is better than a cat fight (which we have often LOL). Spring is beconing me outside...ahhh in 4 more hours I'll be there...Later folks...Peace!

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