smile, your on my camera

smile, your on my camera

Friday, December 30, 2011

2011...what happened to you?

First of all Christmas was a blast. We had dinner at our house on Thursday before Christmas and enjoyed some of the family. I cooked my heart out as I took a whole week off and enjoyed my little kingdom while the boys worked. Christmas day was really nice and NON traditional as we like it. We dont do the traditional ham or turkey. This year we had lasange...and some yummy as heck chocolate cheesecake. I love to make cheesecakes...but I only had 2 pieces.Here's hoping all ya'll had a good one. Wow what a fast year we had! My Grandmother always said the older you get the faster time flies so with that being pondered I must be getting OLD! As we finalize the year, I must say that it has had its ups and downs. Its not been the best year but it sure could have been a lot worse. Now, I'm not one who always begins the new year with a bunch of "I'm losing weight, I'm off sugar after the first of the year, I'm going to join the gym, blah blah blah". Its a bunch of hoo haa and I'm having no part of it. If I plan to change anything you will notice it after the change not before. I used to have a friend that was always "on a program"...yup thats what she called it whether it was a diet, working out or...well it was always just a diet or working out. Her "programs" came with all sorts of specifics. Products, get it. Kind of like Jenny Craig...just buy a bunch of this shit that tastes horrible and you're sure to lose weight. Well NONE of the programs ever "took". So my point is; why share all of this with everyone so they can watch you fail? So DONT tell everyone and succeed!
Anyway getting back to the new year...I AM going to plant some trees this weekend. 4 of them. And some ginger. I got a "hand" of ginger from our organic garden at work and will put that in some soil too. Thats one good thing about Florida, we have such mild weather planting is pretty easy peasy! The weather is beautiful right now! New Years eve is our turn at the Quirks. We have been trading NYE for over thirty years now.
I'm making little meatball sliders to take. More later! Peace, Barb

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