smile, your on my camera

smile, your on my camera

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Beautiful Daze!

WOW...its been absolutely gorgeous today...a very springy kind of day. Howevvvvahhh...I took the tree down today which bums me out every year. I hate clutter so the Zen looking house makes me all calm and everything but the Christmas stuff I have saved for so many years and its a nice comfort as well. I always wait until Epiphany to take the stuff down...dont know if its a habit or just laziness because we all know that its just plain work. I take good care of my ornaments so its wrapping and packing. Then K drags the tree through the house and needles are everywhere so on to vaccuming...and so it goes. Its a clean fresh feeling though like just taking a shower...nice! I cannot imagine being a collector of anything much...Okay I collect cast iron and kitchen gadgets but its all hidden in the kitchen and not all over the house. I have a friend who actually has a spoon collection and thats just one of them. She collects about a jillion things and although I have never been to her house I can only imagine! So my new year has started with freshness...yay!
Today ET has traveled to another town to visit a very good friend and its just me and K and we are grilling filets and having salad, baked potatoes and rolls. YUM. Life is good! Peace. Sorry no know how I hate blogs w/o pictures!

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