smile, your on my camera

smile, your on my camera

Sunday, January 8, 2012

good day...

Today I went to the Farmers Market with my! We walked around and then decided on a cool Mexican cafe for a snack...with $3 margaritas and they were so good! Then we did the market and I didnt buy anything because I have all this produce...notice I didnt say FRESH cuz it aint getting any eat it up first girl! Then on to cooking...some good honor of LSU...I'm a Gator at heart but GO TIGERS! We started to plant some trees I got in the mail...redbud, crape myrtle, dogwood and golden rain tree...10 in all...hopefully a few survive as its not exactly the best time to plant ANYTHING with cold weather possibly creeping up on us. Well we did put off the planting today but the holes are dug. Tomorrow they will have soaked enough. So today was a great day in all sorts of ways. Wish I had brought a camera to the market but too much to lug around...Peace, Barbara

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