smile, your on my camera

smile, your on my camera

Friday, March 23, 2012

Back in the saddle...AGAIN~ FINALLY!

Alright, so I went on this cool road trip last weekend to Ozello and was so psyched that I googled it and came up with the COOLEST blog EV.ER! Made me think of my years of childhood, wishful adulthood...ahh you get it. This guy is a former Park Ranger. Oh and his blogs are so cool. When I was a little girl I dreamed of being a Park Ranger. We pretty much drove UP (being from Miami everything was UP..almost) to Highlands Hammock All the time...I had a Ranger named Mr. Edwards that drove a Jeep that pulled a trailer of people through the brush for about an hour...Mr. Edwards always let me sit up in the Jeep with him...maybe that is why I LOVE my Jeep Hoss so much! We had a one eyed gator we visited all the time...hey Billy Bowlegs sung my name! I learned about the Indians...I finally met some of the Indians later...Chief Billie was pretty cool.So anyway, this is a cool blog that I will stalk all the time...thanks mister Pure Florida...FC..I got your Datil pepper orders...very cool. I'll post a pick of me and the ole jeep with Mister Edwards later...but for now "somebody" brought back cool memories and future history. You go bloggers...and as much as I hate a blog without pictures...oh heck...I'll find one but not the right one...Peace Y'all!

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