smile, your on my camera

smile, your on my camera

Monday, April 9, 2012

the datil's are coming, the datil's are coming..

Oh my, I have felt pretty pregnant this last few weeks! Even calling my youngest Son...aka the pepper ask whats its like to "feel the peppers" is it like butterfly wings? Yeah right! He says "Mom give it fifteen days" thats almost NINE months for me. geez...gimme some slack guys, I dont need the sonogram, I need a baby...pepper that is...well...the pepper kings momma the new babies...Dont know if they are boys or girls...but they are Datil's...Minorcan...heirloom..thanks PF...good job!

Monday, April 2, 2012

I did it....

I have not been able to do a really "real" April Fools trick in a while, used to do the ole "honey I think I'm pregnant" but somehow at age 56 that just does not work anymore...yesterday my sister gave me this cool lime just doesnt get enough me and big kid went and got it and hubby planted it and trimmed it and watered it (we love our citrus) and then I told him that at one point, the tree had the citrus blight...but that I thought it was "over it". LOL! Citrus canker...eeks...he went and freaked out...what? Hee Hee...Happy non pregnant April Fools Day...(ps hope the tree is them trees!