smile, your on my camera

smile, your on my camera

Friday, August 10, 2012

Things to look forward to...

1. It's Friday, 4:00pm...weekend time at home!
2. Writers Workshop tomorrow at the Jack Kerouak house...hopefully inspiration!
3. Having a party in honor of my Mom's 86th birthday parties!
4. Labor Day them 3 day weekends!
5. Autumn...even Florida Fall is fun as it draws nearer to the holidaze!
6. Gator Football...need I say more? Got my Gator shirts already lined up in the closet for game days!
7. Going to North Carolina for a long weekend to see my being an honorary cacalackie!
8. Going to see the Carolina Panthers play the Denver Broncos...never been to an NFL game!
9. Coming home after missing my boys in Florida I'm sure! (and my girls too) woof/meow!
10. Avacodo's tonight...a guy just brought a HUGE box of Hass in...yummyyyyyyyyy!

Summer is winding down now and it's a time of year I'm somewhat happy to wave bye to. I do cherish every day God gives me cuz it's my day to make it good or bad. Every day is a gift but the days to come when its less humid and cooler are like the packages from Macy's versus the packages from the Dollar Store.
There are definate summer people and Winter People. Being a native Floridian, I'm sure I would not relish driving (or probably in my case, sliding) in the snow. I would like to enjoy a hot chocolate for the sheer pleasure of warming up! Love them coats, hats and scarves...but then I do not have little ones around anymore. My "baby" still at home is 39 AND does not let me dress him! I'm ready to slink out of summer, maybe I won't slip on my sweat! Ready to burn wood in the chiminea and fireplace (as soon as the purple martins LEAVE). Ready to wear just one turtleneck and coat. Maybe boots.
BUT, not so fast. Not ready to:
See Halloween junk in stores just yet (but I have).
Christmas shopping (but I should).
So summer...cya later alliGATOR
Peace, Barb

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