smile, your on my camera

smile, your on my camera

Thursday, June 22, 2017

As time goes by...

There seems to be a lot to catch up on...I so loved blogging and somehow got distracted and never got back to few years later and I decided to come back. So much has by blog I'll try to catch up. I am not working right now and it seems that the more time you have the less time you muster up...ironic huh? We are in the process of developing the land we bought a few years ago...last time I posted about land it was all a dream, now its a work in progress, fun but work! We got 5 acres and hope to be able to acquire another 5 either behind us or next to us...we shall see.

It was bare land when we got much brush we could barely walk through it but the guys have been clearing it for over a year and recently we have electricity and septic and...
a home away from home! I love it!

The grands were having target practice with Uncle Ken (dont worry...Marine sharpshooter) its been a grand summer so far!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The radio stations around here are just total "crap". The same songs over and over. I get so sick of all the stations and I remembered I had Sirius radio in my car. Well, I found you can get a free 2 months to try (no obligations) so I'm a happy happy camper in the car now. No more boring drives with crummy music. Now to just decide what to try on the way home tonight...the selection is amazing! Peace chickens!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Vacay...was great!

Wow, my vacation to North Carolina was awesome! We hit the trail non stop. Previous post did not allow me to post anything except pictures for some I ziplined for my 57th. It was something I have been excited about for several months now. Excited all the way up to the top! Then there was a moment or two of "non excitement". All in all it was awesome once in flight. I cant wait to do it again as I will not have the moments of "non excitement" and that there is little chance the cable will snap! So...a life lesson, I have so many...don't worry, be happy! More pics to come! Peace!