smile, your on my camera

smile, your on my camera

Friday, December 30, 2011

2011...what happened to you?

First of all Christmas was a blast. We had dinner at our house on Thursday before Christmas and enjoyed some of the family. I cooked my heart out as I took a whole week off and enjoyed my little kingdom while the boys worked. Christmas day was really nice and NON traditional as we like it. We dont do the traditional ham or turkey. This year we had lasange...and some yummy as heck chocolate cheesecake. I love to make cheesecakes...but I only had 2 pieces.Here's hoping all ya'll had a good one. Wow what a fast year we had! My Grandmother always said the older you get the faster time flies so with that being pondered I must be getting OLD! As we finalize the year, I must say that it has had its ups and downs. Its not been the best year but it sure could have been a lot worse. Now, I'm not one who always begins the new year with a bunch of "I'm losing weight, I'm off sugar after the first of the year, I'm going to join the gym, blah blah blah". Its a bunch of hoo haa and I'm having no part of it. If I plan to change anything you will notice it after the change not before. I used to have a friend that was always "on a program"...yup thats what she called it whether it was a diet, working out or...well it was always just a diet or working out. Her "programs" came with all sorts of specifics. Products, get it. Kind of like Jenny Craig...just buy a bunch of this shit that tastes horrible and you're sure to lose weight. Well NONE of the programs ever "took". So my point is; why share all of this with everyone so they can watch you fail? So DONT tell everyone and succeed!
Anyway getting back to the new year...I AM going to plant some trees this weekend. 4 of them. And some ginger. I got a "hand" of ginger from our organic garden at work and will put that in some soil too. Thats one good thing about Florida, we have such mild weather planting is pretty easy peasy! The weather is beautiful right now! New Years eve is our turn at the Quirks. We have been trading NYE for over thirty years now.
I'm making little meatball sliders to take. More later! Peace, Barb

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Whats cookin'?

Yesterday after work I decided to do some fried green tomatoes...I have had a craving for them...yeah I'm a southerner!What a nice make up for the hellacious day I had at work, it was blackened Mahi, Fried Green tomatoes, cheesy potatoes and fried pickles...oh they were good! Once a month we have a Food Bank and it gets pretty nasty. The residents fight over the food and take too much and yell and push and get the picture. So I cringe every month around Food Bank day, but I made it through.
So of course to ease the stress I cook. E worked late last night and K wasnt starving so it gave me a bit of time to "play". The weather has been beautiful so I "could" have worked on my rose garden but cooking won out!
I went next door to my neighbors house with some food as the residents usually dont take veggies...they want the sweets. We talked about our travels and found out that we both LOVE Amsterdam. We just met about a month ago but find we have lots in common. Its nice to have a neighbor like that.
So back at work now and its all quiet today...whew! Peace!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fall fly's...

Gosh Fall flys by so quickly! Its November already...In the months of November and December I would sometimes like time to just stand still. Its finally cooler here and I really dream of going outside but at least I have an office with a beautiful view. The weekend breezed by. I got some much needed yardwork done...weeding and pruning the roses. The boys worked on E's transmission all weekend long. It was a lot of work but the transmission shop quoted him $2400. to replace the transmission and on Saturday morning K got this plan to look on ebay. He found a nice transmission in Auburndale for $60. They made a call, hopped in the truck and off they went. So for a total of $150 (altogether) E has a nice new transmission for his jeep.

I of course got bored and felt neglected...I need so much attention sometimes. I got to cooking and made a nice Cuban meal for us. Picadillo, black beans/rice and pumpkin mousse. Good stuff. Now the weekend is over, Halloween is over (got a cute pic of the grands in Kansas getting ready to trick of treat) and on to November...Today is  All Saints Day. A good day to remember those we have lost but not forgotten. Last year at church we lit candles for our departed loved ones. I thought that was cool....the Methodists are doing some neat stuff nowadays.
Well y'all have a wonderful day...peace

Thursday, October 27, 2011

A few things that drive me nuts...

How negative! Sometimes ya just gotta get it out:
1. I dont get it when people on facebook constantly post numerous picture of THEMSELVES in all sort of poses...geez. Your kids are one thing but no way am I gonna post pictures of myself oogling...or peeking out behind trees. Obviously them need more mirrors.
2. Blogs without pictures. I need to connect more with someone I'm following...hey I'm nosey, I'm a stalker, the least you can do is grant me a look into your life...just dont make them all poses of YOU!
3. When the music on AOL radio stops like every hour to see if you are still "listening"...yes I am!
4. When I answer the phone and some peppy little sales person wants to talk to the "person in charge of yada yada yada"...if you dont have a name leave me ALONE! We dont need your junk anyway!
5. People that interupt when you are in mid conversation with another person. Nothing important...just more important (seemingly) than current conversation!

Thats all I can think of so obviously I'm not having that bad of a day, I'll go home and cook and forgot about things that bug me...Peace!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

treats for me...

I always try to get myself a treat after something "not so great" like going to the dentist or like Friday, going to get my mammogram. While I do not hate doing so (its way better than the dentist) I still like rewards as if a were a child or something. Here's what I found Friday BEFORE my appointment...ha ha...a "pre" reward! Of course the real reward was today when the doctors office (yup even on Sunday) called to give my my *all's clear report*...if you are due for one gal's get off your butt and get one NOW! Dont forget to get yourself a treat too...I collect cast iron but my real treat is NO BREAST CANCER! Peace!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Florida Fall is here!

Today fall came here in Orlando! Nice cool "almost" sweater weather. I waited so long for this. Even though I'm a native Floridan I am not a heat lover and cannot wait for the cooler months to come and thankfully they are now upon us. Of course the picture posted was shot in Kansas last week of my beautiful Grands and their friend playing in the leaves. We dont *quite* have these leaves yet. This is the kind of weather when we think of hot chocolate, soups, stews and COFFEE! Being the foodie that I am, I'm constantly studying recipes and food blogs for seasonal ideas for meals...I love to cook more than eat! Thankfully the boys in my house like to eat more than cook! Peace!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

last night I...

made a nice little dinner after work. I wanted a cozy little Italian dinner so after I got home and settled I cooked this up...yum! I love to cook and wish I had a bit more time in the day to more of it, and bake, I cant get enough of it! That of course is usually saved for the weekend when I have more time. Well Bon Appetite!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

WOW! Its been a while...

I've pretty much skipped the summer of blog...but thankfully summer has broken into Florida Fall (ie. rain). Its kind of nice to be lazy and stay inside but I'm a hyper type that would tend to get cabin fever really fast. I would like an occasional snow but thats not gonna happen! Well it did once in 1976 but that ain't gonna happen again soon! Yesterday I canned pickles. We got an influx of cucumbers from the Food Bank at work and our residents didnt want them...they go more for the cakes and cookies. I thought why not, when life gives you cukes dont get into a pickle! So it was a success and I have nice bread and butter pickles for us to enjoy. Today is a candle kind of day and all of mine smell like pumpkins right now so bring on the rain! Toodles!

Monday, April 18, 2011

To the world, you may be one person. But to one person, you may be the world.

ps I just came upon this and had to share!

Somebody got a car this weekend!

Its been a long haul for E...a tough 19 years and a chance once again to make things right. This is my child and I want him to have everything the world has to give! He has been home since October and got a chance to do some construction work to save up some money to buy his very first car. Every day is something bright and new for him. I was so proud to see him cleaning up his *new* Jeep. You make me smile~ Peace

Monday, April 11, 2011

weekends...ahhh so short

Here's hoping that you had a wonderful weekend! Mine was fine but I did have a garage sale...did I say that I hate garage sales...Minivans FULL of people all rushing toward your playing with *very* breakable items...gulp. Everyone wanting your antique silver (and your car thrown in) for a dollar! Geez! I even had one scary bunch ask me if they could come in and use my bathroom...right! Then there are those that think they are shopping at Bloomingdales and that I should wrap and bag all the shit too! Ahhh but its over...and I lived to tell about it and I did have some good things so I will show you guys my flowers because they are so lovely and lovely is what is worth concentrating go and have a LOVELY day! Peace...

Friday, March 25, 2011

Over the hill Garden Bake Sale

As many of you know I work for Govt. Subsidized Housing for the elderly and disabled. Challenging...yes...rewarding...yes. I especially enjoy it when I see those that choose to contribute instead of complain. The complaining is abounding but there are the positive people that make a difference in our lives and of course in their own! Last week we had a bake sale and one of the guys baked 83 loaves of bread. Dang that is work. He is one of the founders of the Garden Club and since we started he has BLOOMED himself. Here are some pic's of the fun (including my sweet boy who came to help them out)...Bloom wherever you are planted! Peace!