smile, your on my camera

smile, your on my camera

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Whats cookin'?

Yesterday after work I decided to do some fried green tomatoes...I have had a craving for them...yeah I'm a southerner!What a nice make up for the hellacious day I had at work, it was blackened Mahi, Fried Green tomatoes, cheesy potatoes and fried pickles...oh they were good! Once a month we have a Food Bank and it gets pretty nasty. The residents fight over the food and take too much and yell and push and get the picture. So I cringe every month around Food Bank day, but I made it through.
So of course to ease the stress I cook. E worked late last night and K wasnt starving so it gave me a bit of time to "play". The weather has been beautiful so I "could" have worked on my rose garden but cooking won out!
I went next door to my neighbors house with some food as the residents usually dont take veggies...they want the sweets. We talked about our travels and found out that we both LOVE Amsterdam. We just met about a month ago but find we have lots in common. Its nice to have a neighbor like that.
So back at work now and its all quiet today...whew! Peace!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fall fly's...

Gosh Fall flys by so quickly! Its November already...In the months of November and December I would sometimes like time to just stand still. Its finally cooler here and I really dream of going outside but at least I have an office with a beautiful view. The weekend breezed by. I got some much needed yardwork done...weeding and pruning the roses. The boys worked on E's transmission all weekend long. It was a lot of work but the transmission shop quoted him $2400. to replace the transmission and on Saturday morning K got this plan to look on ebay. He found a nice transmission in Auburndale for $60. They made a call, hopped in the truck and off they went. So for a total of $150 (altogether) E has a nice new transmission for his jeep.

I of course got bored and felt neglected...I need so much attention sometimes. I got to cooking and made a nice Cuban meal for us. Picadillo, black beans/rice and pumpkin mousse. Good stuff. Now the weekend is over, Halloween is over (got a cute pic of the grands in Kansas getting ready to trick of treat) and on to November...Today is  All Saints Day. A good day to remember those we have lost but not forgotten. Last year at church we lit candles for our departed loved ones. I thought that was cool....the Methodists are doing some neat stuff nowadays.
Well y'all have a wonderful day...peace