smile, your on my camera

smile, your on my camera

Friday, November 16, 2012

Vacay...was great!

Wow, my vacation to North Carolina was awesome! We hit the trail non stop. Previous post did not allow me to post anything except pictures for some I ziplined for my 57th. It was something I have been excited about for several months now. Excited all the way up to the top! Then there was a moment or two of "non excitement". All in all it was awesome once in flight. I cant wait to do it again as I will not have the moments of "non excitement" and that there is little chance the cable will snap! So...a life lesson, I have so many...don't worry, be happy! More pics to come! Peace!

So this is what people should do on their birthday...

It was fun! Peace...

Friday, October 19, 2012

Happy Anniversary to me...

WOW...38 years went by fast as lightning! Where did the time go? One minute I'm 18 years old tying the knot with more than a knot in my I'm almost 57 wondering why I dont really feel any older than that day 38 years ago. And they said it wouldn't last....

Sunday, October 7, 2012

we gettin' some land

Not now, not soon, but...we have a goal. Within a year and a half we are puchasing at least five acres. Then the fun begins. It's going to be rural. I won't have to watch my back half as much. Chickens, a goat...neat stuff! Our goat (lol on its way to frutition)...momma gettin' some land! Patience baby, Patience!
Peace, Barb

Thursday, October 4, 2012

margarita yard almost complete

well my margarita yard is almost complete...with lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruits,mangos, papayas...and now, well this weekend actually, we are picking up our avocado if ya'll come by, I'll have some guacamole with the margarita of your life is gouda...oh and I still have a small bit of the 1000 day old Gouda...peace, Barb

Friday, September 28, 2012

2 years ago...

somebody came home after twenty years! Incarceration is tough but he made it, we made it! Now its pretty smooth sailing. He has God on his side, along with a loving family and some great friends. He has a good job. He's getting ready to leave the nest soon. Life is pretty normal for him. Life was not always so normal. An eighteen year old BOY faced with a sentence of 44 years is not exactly looking at a normal life. But...he did it. Its over! So much ahead and so much already accomplished. We still havent been to Disney World...but it's been wonderful. Thank God! We Love YOU kiddo!



Tuesday, September 18, 2012

First Date....

First Date, September 21, 1972...WOW...Clint Eastwood MARATHON...I almost fell asleep! but he asked me out again, and again, and married to me, had babies with me, bought a house or two or three with me...had a grown up kid with me...had some great pets with me some really cool cars...he still makes my heart skip a beat...dang I'm a lucky lady...I still hear "do you remembahhhh the twenty first day of Septembahhhhh...??? oh yes I do!

Monday, September 17, 2012

reservations? Check!

got my reservations for my birthday trip to NC. Oh I cannot see the be crazy...cuz they encourage that! Did I say I'm gonna see them Kids in November...even the Kansas chick! Lucky me!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Writing again!

I'm writing again! I had this epiphany last week and now I am constantly planning and writing...WRITING...not just thinking about writing

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Soon to be Empty Nester... sniff sniff...

Well it looks like next month we'll be empty nesters again. It is bittersweet. My eldest, who has been home for two years now, is going to look for his own apartment. I know, I know, people say "you should be thrilled" and sometimes I am. For him mostly. You see he is a good kid. My husband will say "he's not a kid". Okay he's a good man. He loves God, he loves his family, he loves animals. And we will miss him terribly. He tells me its hard to date when you live with your parents. Hmmmm, guess he's right about that. I understand. Also its time he spreads his wings a bit. He's not been "free" too long. Time to see what its like on his own. With no bars. Parents that love him and will always love him...enough to watch him grow some more. I've done it twice before and I know I can do it again. My other babies were younger but I had them for much longer. It's never easy. I'll miss the morning shuffle. He walks like a mummy until he's had that first cup of coffee. I'll miss the red Wrangler from the window. I'll miss not having to store leftovers. I'll miss the yucky boots in the laundry room. I'll miss making the second lunch that I know never makes it to lunch. I'll miss the way he gags when he brushes his teeth. I'll miss that sweet smile (on a daily basis). I'll miss the stash of doggie treats he always has for Damey. I'll miss that kid of ours. He wont be far, so we will have lots of visits and me being a hovering sort, I'm sure my car will find its way there often. With leftovers. With open arms. With lots of love. But...I'm gonna miss him!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Things to look forward to...

1. It's Friday, 4:00pm...weekend time at home!
2. Writers Workshop tomorrow at the Jack Kerouak house...hopefully inspiration!
3. Having a party in honor of my Mom's 86th birthday parties!
4. Labor Day them 3 day weekends!
5. Autumn...even Florida Fall is fun as it draws nearer to the holidaze!
6. Gator Football...need I say more? Got my Gator shirts already lined up in the closet for game days!
7. Going to North Carolina for a long weekend to see my being an honorary cacalackie!
8. Going to see the Carolina Panthers play the Denver Broncos...never been to an NFL game!
9. Coming home after missing my boys in Florida I'm sure! (and my girls too) woof/meow!
10. Avacodo's tonight...a guy just brought a HUGE box of Hass in...yummyyyyyyyyy!

Summer is winding down now and it's a time of year I'm somewhat happy to wave bye to. I do cherish every day God gives me cuz it's my day to make it good or bad. Every day is a gift but the days to come when its less humid and cooler are like the packages from Macy's versus the packages from the Dollar Store.
There are definate summer people and Winter People. Being a native Floridian, I'm sure I would not relish driving (or probably in my case, sliding) in the snow. I would like to enjoy a hot chocolate for the sheer pleasure of warming up! Love them coats, hats and scarves...but then I do not have little ones around anymore. My "baby" still at home is 39 AND does not let me dress him! I'm ready to slink out of summer, maybe I won't slip on my sweat! Ready to burn wood in the chiminea and fireplace (as soon as the purple martins LEAVE). Ready to wear just one turtleneck and coat. Maybe boots.
BUT, not so fast. Not ready to:
See Halloween junk in stores just yet (but I have).
Christmas shopping (but I should).
So summer...cya later alliGATOR
Peace, Barb

Sunday, July 22, 2012


I actually read in Mother Earth News (one of my favorite magazines) that lard is really not all that bad for you...hmmm...see the upstairs of my pantry????

Friday, July 20, 2012


I've become crazy with the boots...I sold my good boots a couple of years ago for lack of use...and then when Kenny and Barbie had the "boots and pearls" wedding theme I had NONE! Now I am on some crazy quest for boots...geez, wherever I go I find some of late...BOOT FREAK! And to think I said I wasnt into western boots...gotcha...I'm back!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Carolina Baby got married!

Nothing like a Barn Wedding! My youngest Son married his sweetheart last month and we have a few pictures to share. I decided NOT to be a shutterbug and just relax and enjoy everything. There are some pictures that cannot be captured through a lens but rather through the heart. Out in the country, a barn was filled with family and friends. It was decorated with wild flowers and the music and champagne flowed through the evening. The ceremony was awesome. There was a butterfly release for the children in memory of those who were watching from up above. There was a bonfire and chinese lanterns that drifted off into the beautiful night air.

We had a coach bus that drove all family and friends to and from the site to the hotel. There was laughter and tears...but more was GRAND!
Oh and the little guy at the top sitting on a wooden rail...that's the groom in North Carolina many years ago...time flies!

Boogety Boogety Boogety...lets go racin' boys!

Daytona Coke Zero 400, gosh they change the name of that darn race so many times I forget "which" race it is some years. I kinda like Firecracker 400...which stuck for many years. This year Eldest got his Dad THREE tickets to the races so we all could go! The weather couldn't have been better...Daytona has been rained out so many times and even last year in Atlanta we got rained out. No rain! Great Breezes. Great Start. Great END...I'm a Tony fan! Needless to say we had a marvelous time! I love how you are allowed to bring in food and drinks (no glass) so other than the tickets, we paid for nothing...not even parking. Needless to say we had a splendid time racin' at Daytona!


My Son and Brother in Law have one day between their day and twelve years. We started celebrating their birthdays together last year and we had another one last month! Time flies! ET wanted a Peanut Butter cake so of course he got my house if it's your birthday you can be the king! Of course he also got the proverbial "old man hat" even though he's still shy of forty (barely). We wanted to be casual of course as I had to work in the morning and although I'm fairly organized most of the time I have a huge problem with perfection. I'm really working on it so instead of some elaborate dinner that no one would appreciate anyway (and might exhaust me...which I thrive on but am working on that too) I served my newly tapped homemade beer...this one is called American Premium...much like a Budweiser and dogs and chips and nibbles. Great "boy food". We stayed up into the night, played pool, drank beer and enjoyed good company! I love them guys!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Respect Memorial Day...

Happy Memorial Day...watcha doing? Cooking out? Having a few beers? Just chillin' on a 3 day weekend? Well...please do all the above but do so AND remember why we have the day off...lets remember all out military, young, old, alive and passed. Its not an easy route to take but its so respectable...Thanks to all y'all that serve or served! We are proud of are some pics of my family heros...

Friday, May 18, 2012

A barn weddin'

In three weeks we will be back in North Carolina for our youngest Son's wedding! We love Barbie, his fiance so much and look forward to seeing "their crowd". The barn is in Fort Mill South Carolina and its absolutely beautiful...quite scenic and rustic. The theme was "Boots and Pearls" but I probably wont buy a pair because I'm not a cowboy boot person...dress boots yes, cowboy boots not so much! Can't wait!

Nascar Hall of Fame

Vrooom Vrooom...boogety boogety boogety

We enjoyed the Nascar Hall of Fame in Downtown Charlotte, a nice "museum" with lots to do. It only took about an hour but if you like racin' you'll enjoy it! We've always been racing fans but now Kenny gets to not only live in Raceville but he is so close to other races that they go to several tracks now...
Go Smoke!